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Wannarat Poonyarit

English teacher, translator and interpreter

From Gaprow To Keemao | Testimonial

My sister made me pay for her book! BUT it was well worth it!

This book is an inspiration for me. Its explanations and insights, and its “how-tos,” are very easy to understand.

From Gaprow To Keemao is what persuaded me finally to start cooking Thai food.

I love eating Thai food, and even though I love to bake I have never enjoyed cooking. It has always been a mystery to me and I had never really made much Thai food. My attitude changed, though, after I got the book.

The first dish I made was Puddkeemao. It wasn’t done exactly the same as in the book, but I took my sister's ---ahem...the author's suggestion that I create my very own keemao noodle dish from the ingredients - and the limited space - I had available. It was a great success!

My next dish was radna (because I LOVE good radna). My cousin who's a great cook asked me why I wanted to attempt such a difficult dish. I replied that my sister had made it sound SO EASY in her book! I went ahead and cooked it, and I was right!!! The outcome was beyond my expectation, and more than acceptable!!!

No one around me could believe at first that I had started cooking, and it is all thanks to From Gaprow To Keemao. I am now cooking everyday!!! Love, love, love it!

Still, I can't believe she made me pay for the book!

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