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Hi there! Sawaddeeka.

It's about time you receive the correct messages about Thai food and Thai cooking.

My friend, if you think you've been cooking Thai food, even when it's similar to Thai restaurant food, you've been misled.

But, it's not your fault, though. The image of the American version of Thai food is not the same as the original - or at least, true-to-origin - Thai food.

I will explain to you the reasons why it's this way in the masterclass in which I'd like to invite you to ENROLL.

Even if you've spent time eating and cooking in Thailand, you'll find that when you return home and cook your favorite Thai dish and look up its recipe -either by searching on the Internet or from cookbooks, you will find

a) all roads point to premixed bottled sauces, and/or

b) your favorite dish will turn out excruciatingly sweet - it is unlike the dish you tasted and fell in love with while you were in Thailand.

However, the flavors of the dish are not very far from what your local Thai restaurant has been serving you.

Bangkok Thailand  COOK LIKE A THAI with Pradichaya Poonyarit

Let's use the famous dish, what's known to you as "padthai" as an example:

The "padthai" you've cooked may be the same version the recipe has shown you - and it also could be the same as what a local Thai restaurant makes for you. BUT, THIS IS NOT THE FOOD YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH IN THAILAND.

  • And, if you've never eaten real Thai food in Thailand, I'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU.

  • The dish may be acceptable as the American version "padthai," but it's not the true "puddthai" - that original recipe from decades ago - that most Thais who know it eat it in Thailand.

    If this is good enough for you, then you can continue cooking the American version Thai food that most Thais don't accept. You don't need my expertise, and I humbly wish you well.

    But, please read on if,

  • You feel that it's not enough when you eat - and cook - Thai food, and it doesn't matter which dishes you make, the recipes and the looks & feels all turn out the same!

  • You want to elevate your level of Thai cooking - by start cooking "like a Thai" so you can stop cooking Thai food like an outsider.

  • You want to get to know Thai food the same way I - along with other Thai people - have grown up and fallen in love with. And,

  • You want to give yourself an option to get to know what it's like to cook "puddthai," puddgaprow, or puddkeemao, among other true-to-origin Thai dishes - NOT the American versions -

  • Then I'm your personal guide.

    COOK LIKE A THAI - Puddthai - Pradichaya PoonyaritCOOK LIKE A THAI WAY | From Gaprow To Keemao | Pradichaya Poonyarit

    Why only cook Thai food when you can cook like a Thai?


    Somtum-papaya salad-COOK LIKE A THAI with Pradichaya Poonyarit

    Forget the American versions and stop cooking a Thai "influenced" somtum - papaya salad - or other favorite dishes like a foreign tourist.

    Instead, give yourself this option, so you will get to the bottom of cooking true-to-origin Thai dishes.

    Why only cook Thai food when you can cook like a Thai? | COOK LIKE A THAI WAYPuddsee-ew-COOK LIKE A THAI-From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between by Pradichaya Poonyarit
  • Cook true Thai dishes from your American kitchen using local ingredients. I can teach you, and you will cook your favorite dishes as if you were Thai, cooking them in Thailand.

  • Cook Like A Thai Way is a lifestyle, and I am your guide. Don't cook "Thai" like your neighbors- or like the Thai restaurant down at the street corner!

  • Invest in yourself. Make Cook Like A Thai Way your asset, and you will gain brand new experience in cooking true Thai food just like me, like a Thai.

  • Not to mention that you and lucky family members will enjoy the most delicious, authentic Thai dishes, CREATED BY YOU.

  • Let's get you started!

    I'm just a Thai person who really wants you to experience the same Thai food with which I grew up.

    Sadly, I wish you could have done that when you eat out at a Thai restaurant.

    Because of these, I feel strongly that I have to take this matter in my own hands, so you will be able to enjoy true, authentic Thai food right from your kitchen at home.

    Not only you learn to cook same dishes I cook, but also you will get to the core of true Thai cooking and start cooking the same way I do as a Thai.

    And, this is how COOK LIKE A THAI WAY, and the book FROM GAPROW TO KEEMAO were born.

    Invest yourself in this valuable asset. Celebrate and cherish your very own true Thai dishes with your loved ones.

    Join me 

    - John Doe, Doe Marketing

    Pradichaya Poonyarit-COOK LIKE A THAI-From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between
    Pradichaya Poonyarit-COOK LIKE A THAI-From Gaprow To Keemao

    Her Thai heritage combines with her American freedom, from authentic Thai cooking to doing everything that she loves.

    Pradichaya makes her entrance differently. Having grown up as her parents built their company, she couldn't help but absorb into her veins the business personality.

    Her singing voice put her into voice and opera studies, which started her career as performer and teacher.

    Her creative being doesn't stop there, however. She also studied photography, then turned this passion into photographic art.

    Pradichaya also started and managed a ready-to-cook gourmet food market and a soft shell crab farm.

    She called all of these her full-time professions and never missed a beat in seeing to each - and every one - of them.

    Whether it's leading her sales company, teaching at universities, performing on the stage, or wearing the hat of a photo artist, Pradichaya has one long term mission which she carries with her wherever she goes.

    And, that is to introduce to the world what real Thai food is, so you will love it the way it was meant to be loved.

    COOK LIKE A THAI WAY, Why only cook Thai food when you can cook like a Thai?

    Let's do this!
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