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Cook Like A Thai For Thai Food Lovers Everywhere

Can you cook like a Thai even when you are not a Thai person in Thailand?

YES, YOU CAN. Period.

When it comes to true-to-origin Thai cooking, I teach you to think, act, then cook like a Thai.

Cook Like A Thai for Thai food lovers everywhere.

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When You Cook Like A Thai:

  • You Save Time

  • You Save Money

  • You Gain New Skills (And darn good ones, too!)

  • You Make A Difference At Home And In Your Community

  • From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between will take you across the threshold that lies in between being an innocent non-Thai person who cooks Thai food from bottled Thai sauces, to becoming an educated person who understands and cooks LIKE A THAI.

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    Welcome to my home! I'm Pradichaya Poonyarit, and I represent THAI IDENTITY BRAND. You can think of me as your TIB union rep! Here, we're gonna do things "LIKE A THAI." I will begin by teaching you to cook your most favorite Thai dishes - simply, easily, yet true-to-origin, like a Thai - even when you don't live in Thailand and Thai ingredients are hard to come by. Okay? Let's do this!

    - Pradichaya Poonyarit aka "Thai Kitchen Diva," author of From Gaprow To Keemao And Recipes In Between, THAI IDENTITY BRAND representative, mentor and activist for Cook Like A Thai Movement.

    Pradichaya Poonyarit The Thai Identity Brand Advisor

    Pradichaya Poonyarit

    Author, educator and mentor

    Do you remember in grade school, in world geography, the text book described Thailand in one sentence; "Houses are built on stilts, and common household pets are water buffalos?"

    Perhaps that was Thailand 150 years ago, I guess schools have got to update their textbooks!

    How about what you've known as "pad thai," "pad ke-mao," "peanut sauce," "tom yum," and "Thai" green beef curry;" all these "Thai" dishes served to you way too sweet and too chili-heat-spicy, would you believe me when I tell you that they are the American-Thai, or restaurant-Thai versions created to serve to all non-Thais (aka "farang) such as you?

    The truth is, these dishes are not the same dishes as Thai people cook and eat - even outside Thailand - among families and friends. Thais cook and eat more authentic Thai food.

    There is more misinformation out there! It's a human thing to do to hold on to whichever info which comes to us first!

    The misunderstanding and misrepresentation are heavy, particularly when it comes to Thai food-Thai cooking, followed by the country, Thai women, etc.

    Umm... no Thai person has ever spoken to you the way I do, am I correct?

    I am who I am. I speak honestly, straight forward and direct to the point!

    And because I am me, this is gonna be good for you! 

    Dare to learn something new and different.

    Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be empowered.

    Do It TODAY Already!

    Let's go!

    For the soul




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